Are There Any Premium Versions Available For the R download Shortcut?

Sometimes the R Download shortcut doesn’t work for some technical problems. And from that idea, people think that maybe there is a premium version available. So you have to read this complete article to know whether it is really true or something else. If you read this article completely I can tell you for sure that the confusion you have will be clear.

So without further ado let’s see if this shortcut has any premium version.

Are There Any Premium Versions Available For the R Download Shortcut?

No, there are no premium versions available for the R Download Shortcut. You can download and use this shortcut from its official website ‘’ for free, without spending a single penny.

Note: There are many websites available on the internet that claim to provide a premium version of this shortcut. I want to tell you that all those websites are completely fake. Their only intention is to extort money from you somehow. So, I advise you to avoid those unauthorized websites as much as possible.


So friends I hope you have read the whole article and, by reading this you must have realized that there is no premium version of this shortcut. So I hope your confusion is cleared and after that, if you have any extra questions then please comment below or come to our contact page and share it with us.

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