What’s My Overall Experience After Using the R Download Shortcut in 2024?

The ‘R Download’ shortcut is very popular worldwide. Almost all iPhone users now use this shortcut daily to download media from the internet to their devices. In short, you could say this shortcut has brought a lot of hype to the world of shortcuts.

Despite the hype, some iPhone users still hesitate to download and use this shortcut. Because they want to know the experience of someone who has downloaded and used this shortcut. Now, the thing is, many people have used this shortcut, but no one ever shares on the internet what their overall experience was after using it.

So, only for this reason, I am writing this blog post to share my overall experience after using the R download shortcut. I promise that if you read this blog post very carefully, you will be able to judge whether this shortcut is really effective or not.

In the introduction, I said a lot, now let’s get to the main point.

My Overall Experience After Using the R Download Shortcut

I will try to describe my overall experience after using this shortcut in the form of points. So, let’s explain it.

Some Good Points:

  • Point 1: I found this shortcut to be very user-friendly.
  • Point 2: I didn’t face any problems after using the ‘R Download’ shortcut, so in my opinion, this shortcut is completely safe to use.
  • Point 3: With the help of this shortcut, I’m able to download Instagram reels, Facebook videos, and YouTube videos very easily.
  • Point 4: It helped me do things faster and easier.
  • Point 5: It saved me lots of time because it downloads things really fast.
  • Point 6: It was straightforward to set up and use.

Some Bad Points:

  • Point 1: Sometimes this shortcut does not work properly.
  • Point 2: When I tried to delete this shortcut from my device, it didn’t go away, it stayed there.
  • Point 3: The first time, I tried to connect it to the gallery after setting it up from the iCloud website. But, somehow it didn’t by showing an error ‘can’t connect to the gallery’. It was solved after restarting the device.

Overall, it turned out to be a positive experience. Therefore, I recommend you give it a try.

My Rating on R Download Shortcut

Best iOS Shortcut I have ever used!

I have used many shortcuts such as ‘Yas download’, and ‘all media downloader’ to download videos & images but not satisfied. One day I got the suggestion to use the R Download shortcut from Reddit. After using a couple of months, I can rate this shortcut overall 4.8🌟out of 5.
Sandip Majhi
Founder of rdownload.org


As you can see, my overall experience after downloading and using the R Download shortcut is really good. So, I recommend you download and use it too. Also don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section of this blog post after using it. Thank you and have a nice day.

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